Jason Ennis

La Voz de Tres

Bernal/Eckroth/Ennis: La Voz de Tres

A singer whose rich and entrancing voice evokes the dramatic landscape of her homeland; A formidable pianist who possesses both an encyclopedic knowledge of jazz and Cuban music and an unwavering dedication to the groove; a guitarist who slides fluidly from classical elegance to funky, blues-inspired phrases on an instrument borrowed from the choro and samba traditions of Brazil.  These three voices comprise the unique sound of New York City-based world jazz trio, La Voz de Tres. Chilean vocalist Natalia Bernal, keyboardist Mike Eckroth and seven-string guitarist Jason Ennis blend the infectious rhythms and nuanced songwriting traditions of Latin America, original compositions and choice picks from the Great American Songbook in a surprising and refreshing improvisational texture.

Click here to Listen the the trio in live performance on WAMC, an NPR affiliate in Albany, NY

Audio samples from our recent release:

La Voz de Tres

Ojos Azules (Andean Traditional, Arr. Jason Ennis)

Berimbau (Powell/ De Moraes, arr. Jason Ennis)

Tenderly (Gross/Lawrence)

Cuentame tu Pena (Natalia Bernal, arr. Jason Ennis)

Inolvidable (Gutierrez)

Inútil Paisagem (Jobim/de Olivera)

Samba Triste (Powell/Blanco, arr. Mike Eckroth)

Natalia Bernal, Vocals
Mike Eckroth, Keyboards
Jason Ennis, Seven-string Guitar