Jason Ennis


Below is a selected list of recordings in which I have participated. (Please note: If you are using Firefox or another browser with which you are having trouble opening a separate window to play recordings, please click on the blue “Play” button to the left of the song title.)

W166La Voz de Tres, Sueños y Delirios, 2014, Jota Sete Productions.

Vagalume (Ennis)
Visions (Stevie Wonder, arr. Ennis)


La Voz de Tres cover small Bernal/Eckroth/Ennis, La Voz de Tres, 2010, Jota Sete Productions.

Cuentame Tu Pena (Bernal, arr. Ennis)
Fotografía (Jobim)

Tessa Souter: Obsession
Tessa Souter, Obsession, 2009 Motéma Records

White Room (Bruce/Brown, Arr. Ennis)
Afro Blue/Footprints (Santamaria/Shorter, Arr. Souter)
Now and Then (Souter)
Samirah Evans: Hot House
Samirah Evans and Her Handsome Devils, Hot House (Live at The Vermont Jazz Center), 2011 Misha Records

Sam’s Blues (Lenois/Evans)

Sonya Kitchell: Words Came Back to MeSonya Kitchell, Words Came Back to Me,
2006 Velour Music/Starbucks Hear Music

Tinted Glass (Kitchell)

Sonya Kitchell: Cold Day EP
Sonya Kitchell, Cold Day EP, 2005 Velour Music

Someday (Kitchell)

Juwon: Ocean Lullaby



Juwon, Ocean Lullaby, 2009 Kang and Music

꿈 (Juwon)
Breathe (Juwon)